We are very sorry but we are currently CLOSED for all registrations.

To enroll (see above mentioned RESTRICTIONS to enrollment) , you will need to complete a form, which also includes a transfer of notes request from your present GP.

You may obtain and complete an enrollment form by visiting our medical centre, where our friendly reception staff will be pleased to help you or alternatively download the form below.

To ensure we can process your enrolment we do require evidence of your eligibility.

Please do not be offended when we ask for this, it is a legal requirement all patients must provide and ensures that only people who are entitled to funded health care in New Zealand receive it.

If you do not have this with you, we ask that you take your enrolment form home with you and return it once you have the required paperwork. We are not allowed to process enrolments without all the required proof of entitlement.

If you are a New Zealand Citizen, please provide one of the below:

  1. NZ Passport or
  2. NZ Birth Certificate or
  3. If you do not have either of the above a current CSC card

If you are NOT a New Zealand Citizen, we require a copy of your passport and visas which show

  1. NZ Residency,
  2. Work visa valid for 2 years or more,
  3. Or a combination of other visas, with the most current being a work visa which add up to a total of 2 years or more with no gaps in between the visas.

As new patients to the Practice you will be requested to make a new patient appointment which will include 15 minutes with a Nurse and 15 minutes with the Doctor, this can be booked once we have received your notes from your previous surgery. The cost for this is $95 ($75 if you have CSC).

Thanks again and welcome to Tara Road Accident & Medical Centre.