Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be provided for some stable, ongoing medical conditions. However, you still need to have regular consultations with your doctor and/or nurse to make sure your condition is monitored within medical guidelines.

If you have not seen your doctor in the last 6 months you will need to make an appointment.

We would prefer for you to order your prescription through Manage My Health.

Otherwise you can ring our prescription line for your repeat prescription.

Your script will be ready in 2 working days. We will contact you should there be a problem with giving you a repeat prescription. Our prescription fees are $25to pick up from our practice reception and $25 to order and be faxed to your preferred pharmacy. We do not take cash payments.

Controlled Drug scripts are charged 3 monthly for all patients over 14 years old. For the under 14 year old these will also be charged every 3 months.